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Bis-Tris Propane

CAS NO.:64431-96-5

Specification/price :25KG / DRUM

English Name:1,3-Bis[Tris(hydroxyethyl)methylamino] Propane

Molecular Formula:C11H26N2O6

Molecular Wt: 282.34

Structural formula: 

Description:White crystal powder
PH(0.5% aqueous):10.4-11.0
Enterprise Standard
Application: it is an important PH stable reagent in biotic experiments.
Appropriate PH is obtained by mixing mild acid and its conjugate base.
Many biological responses happen in neutral condition (usually PH 6-8),
so the buffering range is required to be in PH 6-8. In addition, the form
of acid-base of buffer should not chelate with some metallic ions.
Characteristics of biological buffer:
1, Strong water-solubility;
2. Compatibility of the acid-base dissociation balance;
3. Low membrance penetration rate;
4. Low metal chelating ability;
5. High chemical stability;
6. Low absorption in ultraviolet and visible region.