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CAS NO.:77-86-1

Specification/price :25KG/DRUM

Molecular Formula:C4H11NO3

Molecular Wt:121.14


Structural formula:

Appearance:White crystalline powder


Enterprise Standard

Usage of Tris: Tris buffer solution has not only been widely used as solvent of

nucleic acids and proteins, there are many other important uses. Tris has been

used for the growth of protein crystal in different PH conditions. Tris buffer with

low ionic strength can be used for the formation of the intermediate filament of

nematordes (C. elegans) and lamin. Tris is the main component of protein

eletrophoresis buffer. In addition, Tris is the intermediate for the preparation of

surfactant, vulcanization accelerator and other drugs. Tris has been used as standard

titrimetric substance.